Thursday, February 12, 2009

About love

Love is about liking and knowing - liking each other, knowing each other, knowing the fact that two people like each other and liking the idea that there is still so much more to know.

The most amazing thing about love is that it grows stature wise, not taking giant steps but through little moments of joy. A minor incident recalled, a small altercation resolved, an unusual yet reasonable demand fulfilled, a peculiar characteristic observed, a serious discussion on future - all exclusive to a couple, adds to the beauty.

Robin Williams once said- "Love is a gift. If you have received it, try and appreciate it. If not, don't worry. Someone is still wrapping it for you."

My top 10: Animations

1. Cars
A racing car named Lighning Mcqueen learns the most important lessons of life elsewhere from the track and realizes that there's a lot more to racing than just winning.

2. Kung-Fu Panda
A fat slob of a Panda starts believing in himself and becomes the greatest Dragon Warrior of the land.

3. Shark Tale
Lenny, the sweet shark, is vegetarian and can't confess this to his father.

4. Wall-E
A waste collecting machine (Wall-E) falls in love with a flying vegetation finder (Eve) and follows her to create the most adorable love story ever set in hyperspace.

5. Finding Nemo
Nemo, the clown fish, is gone and his father has the entire ocean to look for him. The problem is how to proceed?

6. Lion King
Simba, the cub to be king, thinks his father died because of him and leaves his 'to be kingdom' in ruins. He returns in time to save the day.

7. Shrek 1
Shrek, the ogre, saves Princess Fiona so that he may spend his life peacefully in his swamp. He ends up adding another of his kind there.

8. Monsters,Inc.
Monsters Incorporated works because chidren are scared of monsters. It takes a crackling smile of a baby to make them realize that true potential lies elsewhere.

9. Ratatouille
Remi, the rat, is an excellent cook and he knows it. The problem is that the world is not ready to accept it.

10. Ice Age 1
A mammoth decides to save a baby boy and return it to his father. There are conspiracies to tackle and an ice age to confront.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Anything but the best

It's funny thing about life. If you refuse to accept anything but the best, you very often get it - Somerset Maugham.