Monday, December 3, 2012


One can keep questioning 'Why' except when the answer is 'Love'. There is no reason expected when there is love. Somewhere beyond the realm of logic lies the realm of what a commoner understands not much. Love attracts wrath of the general public for this exact reason. People do not understand why someone did something because he/she was in love and they do not accept what they do not understand. Such is the tragedy of love.

devil's ball

A clear difference between Ramayan and Mahabharat is the unequivocal demarcation of evil in the former compared to the later. Ravan is evil at his purest while Ram is the righteous. Duryodhan is neither pure evil nor Krishna is all good. In fact Mahabharat is considered as the finest collection of grey characters who behave differently in different circumstances.

The greyest of them all is the mighty Karn. He has compassion and revenge in his heartin equal proportions. Indeed when Dinkar eulogised Karn and highlighted his dilemma in Rashmirathi, it was done keeping a balance of words. Else it would have been rejected.

The transition from Ramayan to Mahabharat is, according to me, a change of stand the devil took. It lost to Ram because it was concentrating on Ravan and with Ravan's death the game was over. So devil took a strategic step of diversifying the risk. It took longer than planned but now at the edge of Kaliyug when every human is a shade of grey, devil is finally going to have a ball.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

life vs movies

We continue to live a plain life and our movies continue to spin off twists that are anything but plain. As the audience gets adjusted to one level of twist, the movie makers have to go to the next levels to grab attention. Following this chain of thoughts, I realized why Americans are thought as people who would believe everything if said to be part of a conspiracy. They have Hollywood to blame.

And then I think about us Indians. We live in movies. Its just that our movies are evolving to the levels. Those  of us exposed to Hollywood are already there. The rest of us will arrive. The gap between plain real life and surreal silver screen life will decide what occupies our mind.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

अगर आरज़ू है ...

थोड़ी गुफ्तगू है, थोड़ी जुस्तजू है
थोड़ी आरज़ू है, थोड़ी है तमन्ना
अगर आरज़ू है, तेरी आरज़ू है
अगर है तमन्ना, तेरी है तमन्ना

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Marriage and parents

I think now I understand why it is so important for Indian parents to see their children married properly. It is not just marriage. It is birth - birth of another family, something that is as important as birth of their child. It is a responsibility that is ritualistically engrained deep into the heart of Indian parentage.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

last day of school

The three of us walked out from school for the last time - Aditya Singh, Ankur Sharan & me. We decided to spend some time together at my home. Mom & Dad were not coming till late in the evening. So we decided to play. But what should we play? It was a day that would never come again. It was a day of extremes in many ways and yet there was nothing remarkable about that day. It was just another day and so we decided to play.

We made paper planes. Lots of them. Then we decided to have a competition. Whoever's plane stays in air longer, wins. It was a stupid competition if you ask me now and yet it was so symbolic of the day. We were free for now. We were the paper planes - trying to stay afloat as long as possible.

Those hours were timeless. We laughed at things we will never think of laughing at. We were more than friends, we were brothers - the blood of common past ran among us.