Thursday, September 17, 2009

I am what I am ...

I am an intelligent geek to my high school friends. I am an agreeble batchmate to my under grad pals. I am a smart resource at office. I am a dumb anti-social anomaly in my family. Among my PG group, I am the big old guy who lives in his own world. To my oldest of friends back from school days, I am the guy 'who did that and ben there.'

It's amusing but I tend to behave in different groups differently. All of us do. Isn't it strange that we live so many lives in one. Isn't it stranger that we allow ourselves to be so.

What if ?

We sleep because we think we need to sleep. We eat when we feel hungry. We smile on a joke. We care when we feel like caring. We think we do what we do is because we want to do it. How wrong we are.

Life weaves a neat web of needs around us. We feed life to keep this web intact. It grows.

I sleep today because I have to wake up early morning tomorrow to attend classes to do well in my class to get a good job to repay my loans and to earn a living at par with my status to spend on lavish flat rent and expensive friday night parties and a flamboyant lifestyle suited for an MBA.

What if I decide not to wake up early tomorrow?

PS: This blog has no connection with any living or dead person and certainly not me.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Aliver !

Add colours to your life !

That was one of the most remarkable advice I received in one of the mock interviews. I went on to question that remark - 'But Sir, is my resume so colourless? What about traveling as an interest? The guy smiled. He told me that I better consider how others perceive me in this regard.

True. I do not consider others in my grand plan of life. To some extent I live in a cocoon. The world is too complicated for me. Yet it feels correct to add more colours. But how? Would a wild escapade do? Or a whimsical act? Or something not ever expected from me?

What would make me more colourful, more alive?