Tuesday, September 30, 2008

So much so on resolutions

Sitting half drunk at Kovalam on new year eve, I made a resolution that I will visit 26 new places in 2008. Based on a simple calculation of one new place@every two week, I was as eclectic with the resolution as a drunk wanderer can be. It was not a big deal at that moment. We had just covered 7-8 odd places in and around Kerala in a matter of two weeks.

So how have I fared till date - Jaipur, Almora, Pithoragarh, Dhampur, Udaipur, Shimla & Chhail. If I also include Mussoorie and Corbett(since technically I rediscovered the two places), I am at 9/26 right now and the year is slipping by. It's not that there is still a chance. If I follow my doctor's advice, I am not allowed to go out of town for next six months.

That leaves me with my sweet li'l town called Delhi. It would not be a bad idea if I negotiate with myself (as the days of bhishma pratighyas are already over) to rephrase the resolution . Henceforth I resolve to visit at least 15 new places in and around Delhi in next three months :).

With the coming winters, it may not be a bad idea at all.

Monday, September 29, 2008

A forwarded email

Walking on the road, you pass so many people. Some look confident, purposeful, well-dressed, well-maintained. But the majorities appear so ordinary, wear ill-fitting clothes, unfashionable footwear, have too much fat or too little, nothing remarkable about them, nothing attractive.

Yet someone somewhere eagerly waits for this unimpressive man to come home every evening.
Someone's entire world turns around by the strength of this frail-looking woman.
Someone's very purpose in life hinges on this brash youngster cutting through traffic.
Someone knows only the shelter of these old arms each time their world begins to crumble.
Someone will count hours, minutes, and weep like a child before this pock-marked face alights from a distance.
Someone will cave in, crack up, and never be the same again if this one person disappears from the face of the world.

There are no ordinary people !!!

(PS: Thanks Archana for the mail)

Sunday, September 28, 2008

haan...shayad...pataa nai


The worse part of being confused is not the puzzled state of mind. In fact, few people that I know, like to remain confused because it keeps them occupied. The worse part comes once you take the decision and then you regret. To regret is to doubt oneself since nobody knows what is good and what is not good (regrettable) in the long run.

So be confused if you have time to be.

Here's my two pence: every girl has a right to remain confused and every guy has a duty to appreciate it.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Maria has it

"I know it's as tough for my fans to handle my losses as it is for me. But let me point something out. I didn't leave my mom at the age of seven for nothing. I didn't spend six hours a day practising in the Florida sun at the age of nine for nothing.... I didn't sleep in little cots for three years, eating oatmeal out of a packet while playing in the middle of nowhere for nothing. All this has helped me build character and there's no better asset than being able to stand up for yourself." - Maria Sharapova (in her recent blog)

Monday, September 15, 2008

Love and gravitation

I think the comparison of love with magnet is inept. A magnetic attraction is more likely to be compared with lust whereby the human will becomes helpless and even non-existant. I would rather compare love with gravititional force which makes earth go round the sun even if they are miles apart.