Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Some stories are untold...

Strange but life had given me enough hints that this would happen. I had a narrow escape a day before. The car (with its prime number) had proved itself more than lucky at times. The year has been one of the worst years of my life. Yet I decide to take my car on a 500 Km long journey without any highway experience and making a start in dense fog. That this would happen was an inevitability...

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A comment on tears

Tears, unlike smiles, take some efforts to come out because they don't reside in the eyes. They belong to the heart and only someone or some emotion close to your heart is capable of pushing them through.

400 miles on a bike

I have done some of the wierdest things along with bhaiya but this one would be right at the top. We covered the stretch of Ahmednagar - Aurangabad - Daulatabad - Ellora - Aurangabad - Ajanta - Ahmednagar on a Bajaj Pulsar in some three days. The wierd thing was that we were going to cover some of the most famous World Heritage sites but forgot to bring a camera. The above polaroid photograph, taken in front of Ellora Caves is our only souvenir apart from those irreversible changes in the neuronal synapses that we call memory of a lifetime.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

mood swings...

Written on 15/05/2007

Sad Prashant

Somewhen last august, I completed 24 revolutions around that big hydrogen ball that they call the Sun. It was not exactly me. I was riding on a giant lump of mass called Earth. People around me were happy. They celebrated it telling me that its my birthday. I was amused. 24 revolutions is a long period. Why would anyone celebrate an uneventful life on a boring lump? May be they are happy because it all means they are closer to THE ESCAPE.

Happy Prashant

Somewhen last august, I completed 24 revolutions around that big hydrogen ball that they call the Sun. It was not exactly me. I was riding on a giant lump of mass called Earth. People around me were happy. They celebrated it telling me that its my birthday. I was amused. If they celebrate a revolution, why not a rotation? That would inadvertantly bring celebrations everyday. I think that should be their approach. Enjoy everyday, every minute. The other option is to be a bored yet amused moron like me.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Reunions...alas !!

Reunions are an uncomfortable affair. The very fact that there are so many strangers to cope with at the same time, helps a little. There are familiar faces who have grown unfamiliar. There are 'close buddies at school' with whom you are in touch all these years through orkut. Then there are those people who know you while YOU have no clue that you shared a classroom with them.

I have attended several of them but I must recount the one that I consider the mother of all reunions. It was Pratap's birthday and he invited me to Sumit's place in Amar Colony. The other person I was expecting there was Pranay. It was a surprise. There were many more and I couldn't believe my eyes I was looking at people with whom I spent 10 years and that also 10 years ago.

There were Navin, Shashank, Jha, Priya, Pranay, Pratap, Sumit and myself - 8 out of 35 students of Class 10 Section C, St. Michael's, Patna batch of 1998 in that small room together almost after 10 years. Whatever we did that night, it was meant to be unforgettable anyway.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A face without...

I am looking intently at my nephew. He is enjoying his afternoon sleep. Never have I seen a face so serene. This is what John Galt must look like - a face without pain or fear or guilt.

I can smell him. Have you ever smelt a new born baby? Babies not only look cute and make adorable noises but also smell sweet. I really can't describe it exactly but it certainly hints towards the freshness of life and the warmth of those months spent comfortably in the womb.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Spheres of life

In one of those 'intellectual' talks with Vaibhav, we discussed about the spheres of life - professional, social and personal. The professional sphere includes everything related to work. The social sphere includes friends & family and the personal sphere involves the most important person in our life - ourselves. These three are like pillars and one has to make sure each is strong enough to keep the life in balance.
He said that when people have an urge to leave everything or to go for a long break, it is one of these spheres which is in jeopardy. I couldn't agree more. I was having trouble in personal life and the only idea that would come to my mind was to spend a month at a secluded hill station.
It is a better idea to draw strength from other spheres in such a case. In my case, the social sphere contributed on its own in terms of my newly born nephew. Not all are as fortunate as I am. In fact the recession has pushed many a people out of colour in the professional sphere. Their best choices are to spend time with friends and family. Others who can afford, the idea of a timely break for introspection is not such a bad one.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Life goes on...

"D ppl who'r d farthest 4om u, cm close, n d 1z closest 2u go far.......u lrn 2 live life as if it wz lk b4" - Saint Arpu

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

2nd December

Today the first son of the first child of the first child of my grandma is born. He is truly special. So many eyes awaited his arrival for so long that it would be impossible for him to live a normal family member kind of life.

My grandma would have been a happy soul. She died few months ago. I still remember "terahvi", the 13th day of ritual after the day she died. We were 78 of us, approximately 60% of the ever lasting legacy of my grandma spread into 4 generations. It took some effort to bring us in a single photo frame.

I was one of her favourite, being the younger son of her eldest child. It would have been an envious yet happiest moment to be replaced in her eyes by my own first nephew.