Friday, December 12, 2008

Spheres of life

In one of those 'intellectual' talks with Vaibhav, we discussed about the spheres of life - professional, social and personal. The professional sphere includes everything related to work. The social sphere includes friends & family and the personal sphere involves the most important person in our life - ourselves. These three are like pillars and one has to make sure each is strong enough to keep the life in balance.
He said that when people have an urge to leave everything or to go for a long break, it is one of these spheres which is in jeopardy. I couldn't agree more. I was having trouble in personal life and the only idea that would come to my mind was to spend a month at a secluded hill station.
It is a better idea to draw strength from other spheres in such a case. In my case, the social sphere contributed on its own in terms of my newly born nephew. Not all are as fortunate as I am. In fact the recession has pushed many a people out of colour in the professional sphere. Their best choices are to spend time with friends and family. Others who can afford, the idea of a timely break for introspection is not such a bad one.

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