Friday, February 22, 2008

2007: the year that was

I will remember 2007 for offering me a variety of experience.

The first few months were exciting. I established myself as a business plan specialist in my company before my priorities forced me to rethink about my future. I changed my job yet again. While Bhaiya got married and bhabhi planned to settle at Mumbai, I was already settling down at my home with office 10 minutes away.

The new company had something exceptional to offer in terms of travel abroad. Even though the team I was working with was excellent, we lacked the guiding light and I had tough time convincing myself the sanctity of job change. We used to call ourself YSKRH Team, taking inspiration from the famous dialogue in Jaane bhi do Yaaron - "Ye sab kya ho rahaa hai beta Duryodhan". From that time of uncertainty I have seen the peak when we successfully completed the project. The trough was slow to come as each of my YSKRH Team member left the company one by one leaving me alone.

The new company also allowed me to venture into the share market. I was fortunate enough because the timing was excellent. The bourses were ripe and I made some good money. Office hours were helpful as they hardly overlapped with market hours.

I also maintained my travelfreak status by visiting places in and around London. The Kerala trip was elaborate by any standards and a nice way to end the year.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

where was I

Where was I the last three months? As if I was missed... huh. Anyways, just to recount things to myself, I visited Diu and a string of places in Kerala.

Diu is the place where I realised for the first time what is romance. I have visited this place three times after that and still the magic persists. Its as if love is in the air in this secluded union territory.

Kerala was a bit more than what we expected. Manish and Vikash were with me. We started with Kodaikanal which is in Tamil Nadu. The lake and suicide point were regular features of a hill station. We were particularly impressed by Silent Valley and a nearby waterfall which was completely isolated.

We moved to Munnar after a day stay in Kodaikanal. To reach Munnar in itself is an unforgettable experience. Atleast 20 Km before the place, large estates of tea, coffee and cardamom are visible and as the road meanders through these lush gardens, one has a feeling of sailing in an endless green sea. We stayed in Munnar for three days.

We moved to Periyar to have a brunch with the wildlife. It turned out to be a disappointment not because it had not much to offer but because of the crowd of foreigners visiting it. Hotel Ambadi was our saviour as we spent most of our time enjoying there.

Our next destination was Alleppey. We were there for two days. On day one, we completed a round of the famous backwaters. On day two we decided to go to a famous Athirapally waterfall. We were hardly expecting a lot although it turned out to be THE most evenful day of my trip. We had a nice cool bath in the lake on a warm day. Vikash showed some philanthropism in arranging towel and bermudas for all of us. That was the good part. The bad part started when my mobile slipped from my pocket and settled at the bottom of the lake. Before I could pull it out, it was all soaked. I was flabbergasted. Both these old friends of mine helped me feel worse and when I tried to convince them that I don't keep many vauable things with me, I realized that my precious watch was also missing. It took some valour and courage to bring that watch back from the other side of lake where I dropped it.

My mobile and I recovered the next day and we moved to Kovalam. Our plan was to booze hard on the eve of New Year at the beautiful beach. We managed to fulfil our wishes partially.

We laughed a lot and quarelled a little. We enjoyed the vitality of Kerala and despised the coconut oil. All in all, it was a wonderful trip with old friends.