Monday, June 25, 2007

is it heaven or hell?

T1: We have the location, Captain.
Captain: Let me have a look. Is it the blue one?
T1: Yes Captain. Looks like Ze himself created it.
Captain: Definitely one man's job. You know what happened to Tazo when three of the architects put their brains together. Its three times bigger than this blue gem and its a mess.
T1: Yes captain. This planet definitely has a theme.
Captain: What is that big mass circling it. If its a satellite, I haven't seen a bigger one.
T1: Yes captain. Its registered name is Mun. The story goes that Se asked Ze to make a Dual System. That was 1.2 billion years ago. Their respective motions have changed with time.
Captain: That just proves women have not changed in a billion years. They ask for anything. Anyways, I believe that's why this Moon thing is white, the colour of peace and love.
T1: Yes Captain. That was the idea. Ze was the best. Legends say that he created the blue planet as an image of heaven. However things went wrong when Se died. Ze made systemic changes to mitiage his trauma. He was the chief architect, after all.
Captain: Have we sent troopers down to see what is the exact situation at this blue planet.
T1: Yes. We tried but this planet has a thick biosphere. There is too much of oxygen in it's lethal form O3. Even if we manage to cross it, the biosphere has got pure oxygen.
Captain: What has Ze created?
T1: He didn't want anyone to find out, it seems.
Captain: Whats on the Sulometer? Any life form?
T1: That's the strangest part. Sulometer readings are remarkable. This planet is accounting for at least 1/200 of total synergy in the entire Milky Way.
Captain: Impossible! That's astronomical for a single planet.
T1: Yes Captain. However, this synergy is distributed in at least a trillion creatures.
Captain: What!!! Does that mean....????
T1: Yes Captain. We have finally found the Hell.

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