Wednesday, March 26, 2008

the legacy of one-mindedness

I was watching Jodha Akbar the other day. I must say I was impressed by the screenplay. Still my reflective (and sometimes confused) mind harped on the unusual fact that had Akbar not happened to India, we would have been a bunch of fighting states. Afghanis would have continued looting us, forget India becoming a trading giant of 16th Century.

The history tells us that we live on the legacy of a handful few. They come, they see and they conquer. They briefly demonstrate the infinite capacity of a human being. Who will doubt human potential after what Mahatma Gandhi accomplished? His persuit of a single thought of non-violence changed the way we look at a conflict. On the other hand we have Hitler who single-handedly wrecked havoc on billions of souls.

Our corporate versions of Jamshedji, Dhirubhai and Aditya Birla tell us never to undermine the strength of a one-minded person. Yes, the key is being one-minded.

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