Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Mobile is everything

I can spend hours with my mobile and I am not just talking about those long hours with friends. Today mobile is more than a talk-talk gadget. Here are few things I can do with my Nokia N73.

  • Access to Gmail, Orkut and Facebook anywhere in India thanks to the unlimited access by Airtel GPRS. I can mail, scrap, download and even upload photographs.
  • Chat with friends by remaining online simultaneously on yahoo, gtalk, skype and msn through an application by
  • Google map application which can indicate my position generally within 2-5 Km radius, then identify the address and then suggest the minimum distance path to my destination with remarkable precision. This does not require the GPS.
  • 3.2 Mega Pixel camera ensures I can slide and shoot at my whim. It is enough for a traveller. I can also attach the pics the very moment and email it to friends across the globe free of cost.
  • Video camera with limited zoom enough to capture the fun with friends.
  • Banking through ICICI application which allows money transfer faster than internet.
  • Share trading through ICICI Direct which thanks to the developers, is mobile compatible.
  • Song downloads from
  • Watch a large set of videos on
  • Internet access on my laptop which is so fast that I can download a 699 Mb movie from bittorent in 7-8 hours overnight.
  • PNR enquiry to booking of train tickets through which, again like icicidirect, is very mobile compatible.
  • 2 GB memory which allows me to save around 150 songs (keeping space for pics) apart from the FM facility which can save 30 stations across India.
  • Access to my Office Outlook on my mobile which is available on web.
  • Blogging
Yes, I have typed all this on my mobile and have just emailed it from my mobile to :)

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