Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A journey to remember :)

12 days. 1500 miles. Me and my car. A whole list of places to visit en route. Sounds travelfreakish :)

Right now Sid is driving the car and we are heading towards Ahmedabad. That would complete the first leg of this odyssey.

We were at Monsoon Palace yesterday and pampered ourselves with chocolale brownies. Actually it was much more than brownies - in front of us was the royal palace; on the left was an engrossing view of Udaipur; on the right the sun was dying behind a blue range of mountains. Of the four I can't decide which was keeping us more occupied.

Today's morning was spend appreciating the intricate marble work @ Ranakpur Jain Temple. It's 90 km from Udaipur through a tortuous but smooth road mostly into hills. The temple is a wonder in itself. Pillars after pillars are carved with deftness - 1440 in all. Domes have radial symmetry - each with a different design so complex that Sid caught me looking at them with mouth agape.

Udaipur leaves me mesmerized. All I can say that there wouldn't have been a better place to begin with.

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Riya said...

hey.. u r a complete traveller.. nice to hear that u have been to so many places.. n above all the way u write on it.. its really gud... u have a travellers eye to appretiate the natures beaty..