Monday, September 16, 2013


Back in 2005, I rented a cab from Veraval (Somnath) to Diu. The cab driver was a typical talkative Gujarati. He confided to me in the first few minutes of our premature companionship, on why he took a cab on loan and how much he is earning. The returns were modest and he was happy. He told me how the government is helping minorities like himself by providing discounted loans. He was a Muslim.

The last bit was more remarkable back then after Godhra and all but now that I think about it, the recollection should get a  tag of 'Gujjus'. He was a Gujju by heart and had his numbers, nafaa, nuksaan all sorted out. It is the Gujju way of life and much is to be learned from it.

Gujjus do not believe in showoffs since they do not see nafaa (profit) in it. They do not buy big cars for the same reason. They prioritize almost everything except family. Almost everything apart from family is weighed on the basis of how much return it will give and at what risk. Life is simple and beautiful. I sense it is this simplicity that engines the industrious nature of Gujarat. Modi has simply added to this approache and has thrived.

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