Thursday, May 29, 2014

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Shaw once said 'Get what you like or you will be forced to like what you get.' It was a strong statement and resided in my mind for quite a while before I thought over and over and questioned 'Can I get all that I like?' Not even Lord Krishna can claim that. When he preached Arjun about Dharma in Gita, the most quoted expression was 'Do your duty without bothering about the outcome.' There was a sense of helplessness when he said this. Neither circumstance nor outcome is in your complete control. Why bother? It is karma and only karma that is truly yours. Hence it is karma that should occupy you in entirety. Shaw's statement was just reduced to a hard truth about life in my mind.

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Funny you say this. Am studying stats now. And the philosophy is to make a reasonable prediction taking into account the randomness present in the system.

I look at all events in our life, some of them as a result of our decisions and some of them totally out of our control, just signifies the huge randomness present around us. Sometime when things happen as we like them to happen, we feel that we are in control. Or shall we say lucky, other times they are just random events. Guess, Krishna was a scientific philosopher.