Saturday, May 26, 2007

the 'M - 2 Team' in Nainital

It should have been the 'M Team' but two of us went away and subsequently got married (few months later). However, that is another fairy tale. Here, I will recount what exactly happened to the rest five of us who actually ventured to enter Nainital on that fateful day.

'Mukteshwar' is one word that would bring a broad smile on at least seven faces on this earth, me included. We were coming back from a lovely vacation at this place when we decided to spend a day at Nainital.

It was a picturesque journey from Mukteshwar to Nainital. The month of August and colourful surroundings made it a perfect start for the day. However, as we closed by Nainital, the weather deteriorated and it was quite foggy when we reached there. The Naini Lake was not completely visible. We parked our Innova near the lake and after having a breakfast cum lunch, decided that its time to go into the middle of the lake. A deal was finalised and all five of us - jeeves, seemu, yogi, sabiha n me (all on the same boat) started. Exactly at the middle of lake, we were informed that we should shelter ourselves because the rain is coming. The boatman even showed us the showers at the right side, some hundred meters away. Seemu, by that time, had decided to row the boat by himself. Rest of us found tarpaulins to cover ourselves and left seemu wet and rowing. Seemu was, of course, furious later and declared that 'maine tum jaise kamine dost nahi dekhe.'

Jeeves started a row of discussion when he divulged that 'meri to panty geeli ho gayi'. Situation was later cleared by jeeves himself although with tremendous difficulty since we had already accepted his earlier statement.

We started to look for the ropeway since we wanted to have an arial view of this hill station. The ropeway man told us that the last one went up half an hour ago. So we asked him where to go for ice-skating. He said that even that option is over since it is at the hill top only. That was a double whammy, according to seemu.

Finally we decided to go for the hill top on our Innova and it proved to be a good decision. We spent time at our own ease and then started for Haldwani where Vihag and Ruchi were waiting for us. We received a warm welcome at Ruchi's home and then started for an overnight journey back to Delhi.

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