Friday, January 16, 2009

Autobiography: Entry 5

KSA Technopak brought sophistication to my life. There were a lot of perfects about the company - a lot of travel, collegues of same age group, college mates residing in gurgaon, interesting job, the goa outbound etc. That one year passed in a whirlwind says a lot about my life at KSAT.

Tuhin and Shwetank were two gem of friends I made at office. Then there was the Auptyma Group. Suddenly I discovered new friends in my wingmates only - Vihag and Jeevs. While office work kept me on move throughout the country, there were some memorable trips with friends, the best being to Mukteshwar. Vihag got married to Ruchi in the beginning of December - our first wingmate to do so. Later that month I went on the Dalhausie trekking expedition with bhaiya and that was one hell of a trip to close the year.

It was a period of travel and came to an abrupt end when I moved from KSAT just after bhaiya got married. I miss being on the toes for another traveling assignment but that is the way life is.

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Riya said...

Oh.. You are such a travel must be fun travelling.. And where were you all these days.. No bloging since days.. I have an award for u on my blog.. Check it out.