Thursday, January 29, 2009

About me...

Hear the eternal procrastinator.

I am an optimistic person with a big fat greek nose. I am considered human only because textbooks say troglodytes no longer exist (at least not in sub-urban India). I procrastinate. If I were to compete with a pregnant hippopotamus on who is more lazy, I would let her win. This also shows my generosity to the fairer sex. I am still figuring out how to communicate with women. So if you are a girl and I am still talking to you, there's a fair chance that I might have stopped considering you one :O

On a lighter note, I have an IQ of 145 and an attitude of a self proclaimed roman emperor (I might remind you of King Julien). It is a miracle that I have a handful of friends whom I wouldn't trade for my next seven hundred lives. I was gifted with a huge loving family - not that I deserve it. And now I have a nephew - the most adorable, kissable, lovable piece of life. And I am his best Chachu - has to be cos I am the only one ;)

I believe that life is beautiful. Beauty is in the eye of beholder. I hold life beautiful and that is the essence of my happiness.

1 comment:

Surbhi said...

What the ...? So you talk to me and Arpi coz you don't consider us girls 'any longer'? Then I think its time to show you that we ARE girls!
LOL... Jokes apart, this was a nice feel-good post.