Wednesday, January 20, 2010

a case of compulsion

Rambo (our behated conb prof) was just warming up for his breathless act (one and a half hour of non-stop blabbering) when a student asked him what exactly is the difference between compulsive and impulsive buying. He promptly replied that both are the same. Now these are one of those few moments when I allowed my mind to do that extra bit of exercise to find out if what he was saying was correct (or an impulsive reply :)

So I impulsively drew out my mobile and compulsively searched for the definitions on internet. Compulsion is urge or addiction to behave in a particular way. Impulsion is reacting to a situation without considering the consequences. What is the difference?

Lets say I am a compulsive traveler. But am I impulsive about it? No. I plan ... which means that compulsion takes time to build up while an impulse is rather for an instant after which it may die out. Looks like Rambo was finally wrong about something!

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