Wednesday, June 16, 2010

life is ...

There are moments in my life that, I am convinced, were created exclusively for me. The universe colluded, conspired and constructed the moment for my pleasure. Standing at the top of Chitradurga Fort, I had exactly this in mind. Clouds were gathering around me. The surrounding hills were as green as could be. It was windy up there. A sprinkling started which later on developed into a drizzle. The entire city covered itself with mist in front of my eyes. I watched and felt. The more I watched, the more I felt, the more and more I craved for. It was an insatiable hunger to feed the senses which was building upon itself.

There are moments in life which are worth ages. I believe that that is how we end up living more than the years that have been stipulated to us. I know there are also moments which are forgettable and yet not forgotten - so terribly painful that they stifle life out. It is a game that someone very powerful is playing with us and I have a hunch that that someone is only interested in  knowing one thing - are we game enough?

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