Friday, November 16, 2007

the protocol that wasn't there

The service sector offers a job to be done in only two ways. Either you are told or you seek approval. In both the cases, the concept of "naukar" or servant is prevalent. If we consider this as true, even a CEO is a "naukar". For him/her the boss is Board of Directors.

If you are a "naukar", the one person that virtually sits in your mind is your boss. Majority of your conversations would be on one topic - boss. You talk with your collegue, you chatter with your boyfriend/husband/wife, you decide your course of action of the day - everything is driven by one person. Knowingly or unknowingly, desirably or undesirably we tend to give more and more importance to this one person - boss.

It doesn't matter if you like him/her. You may keep repeating in your mind that your boss is still alive because it is illegal to kill someone. The truth remains same.

My first boss, Sreekumar Nair, was such a simple person that I never realized that a competency is needed to handle a boss. He had acquired a great administrative acumen while staying in operations for several years. He never told me what to do and how to do it. He only believed in me.

Now when I am asked about protocols, I remember that we achieved excellence those days because the only protocol was to get things done as boss expected.

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