Tuesday, November 13, 2007

the common man

What is common between a manufacturing unit, a specialized consultancy and an IT enabled offshoring service provider. ME.

I am the common man of India.

Whatever activities I do, represents the general trend in India. You would need an explanation before getting convinced. The very first thing is that I started blogging a year ago which means the blogging as a culture has gained foot in the Indian masses.

Even though I aspire a lot for my future, I am happy with what I have today, much like a typical Indian. I am growing fat which means India is on its path of prosperity. My salary is more than five times what it was two years ago which means average Indian is getting more and more for his/her efforts. I love junk food which means Indian youth has not yet been acquainted with health and fitness.

I have been to official trips abroad which means more and more Indians are getting foreign exposure. I am connected to internet 24 X 7 which means ISPs are having a ball of a time here. I invest heavily on shares which means the number of demat account has really soared in recent months.

I feel a huge gap between the thinking of me and my parents which means the generation gap is widening day by day in India. I tend to wear branded products which means the market of such products is growing exponentially.

Gosh. MNCs should line up to study me instead of the Indian markets.

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