Tuesday, November 20, 2007

movie review: cars

I would like to share my review on an animation called Cars. It leaves far behind my other all time favourites like Finding Nemo, Ice Age and Atlantis. I have never written a movie review so one has to bear with me.

Here's the story. A racing car called Lightning Mcqueen which is a strong contender for the revered Piston Cup, suddenly finds himself lost in a lesser known town called Radiator Spring. There he finds friends and a mentor in the three times Piston Cup winner, the Hudson Hornet. He is intrigued by the way Hudson hides from the world that considers him a legend. He finds various truths enroute and goes back to the race for the Piston Cup with an entirely new perspective towards life.

A few meters before the finishing line, Mcqueen gives up his dream only to save a fellow competitor from a disaster and wins millions of hearts instead. He is offered a contract by the leading car company which he turns down. All this happens with cars as living characters.

The one dialogue "There's a whole lot more to racing than just winning" describes the theme of the movie. I have seen this movie again and again (atleast 5 times) and still end up with goosebumps. A brilliant imagination with fantastic animation makes this movie an all time favourite.

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