Saturday, March 28, 2009

The most entertaining religion?

It was during that long conversation when Bibi asked me if I was born with a choice, which religion I would choose. I said, why, of course Hinduism. She asked me why and the answer was something I had realized a few seconds ago.

If I were to choose a religion, I would choose the most entertaining one, which would keep me occupied in case I want to be. Hinduism scores maximum on both these parameters. The number and variety of festivals and rituals in Hinduism are far more fun than others. Then those long travels just to see a stone that vaguely resembles one of the thoughts of one of the gods. I remember figuring out why we are calling a tetrahadron as Shivling at Kedarnath. Even when I first visited Vaishnodevi, I totally missed the Pinds and as we came out of the cave, I was asking Ma what we were supposed to look at. She was furious and decided to take me for a second round.

Anyways, I love the amount of travel that comes with the Hinduism package and so it is my first choice.


Surbhi said...

Absolutely love this post! One of your very best!
The last line really took the cake, icing and the cherry on top!

Indian Home Maker said...

I agree Hinduism does make having fun very much as a part of life...
dancing, celebrating, singing, group outings, travelling ... are good for the spirit.

I might also choose Hinduism for being liberal,tolerant and flexible and open to reforms.