Thursday, March 5, 2009

Triund Trail: A Perfect Weekend

Take a 10 PM train from Delhi to Pathankot on Friday. There are at least 5 of them. Pathankot is overnight journey and you will be there before 9 AM on Saturday. Take a bus from Pathankot to McLeodganj which is a 4 hour drive. You will reach there before 12 Noon. Check into one of the HPTDC hotels. Fresh up and go for Pema Thang Restaurant nearby or better order something in your room. Try some Tibbetan delicacies for lunch. Plan how you would like to spend the rest of day. Ideally you would like to visit the famous Dalai Lama's Monestry which is hardly 5 minutes away. Other places to explore are Bhagsu Waterfall and a trek to St John's Church.

Sleep comfortably because the next day is going to be very hectic. You will have to start as early as 8 AM on Sunday. Take a cab to Dharamkot which is 4 Km from hotel. The long trek starts. Carry 2 bottles of water per person, two chocolates and some food. Triund Ridge is visible from here. It is 10 Km uphill. The first rest would come at Ganu Temple after an hour. Trekking further to Mid Way Cafe will take another one and half hour. Further up is a difficult patch but you will forget everything once you reach the summit. It is a green patch with ice-capped mountain in front. Pleasent breeze and warm sun will make you feel sleepy. Have some food and lie around for a couple of hours. You will realize how good life can be.

Come down fast without break and you will reach McLeodganj before 5 PM. Eat around. Try Italian this time. Now you must start thinking about packing up. Take a bus for Chakki Bank. The last one starts at 7. You will reach the station before 10. A train takes you back to Delhi (you need to reserve a week in advance for both up and down) and you will reach home in time to start for another wonderful day at office :)

Budget for trip = 1000 (A/C train fare) + 200 (bus) + 500 (hotel) + local transport (300) + food (500) = 2500 per person.

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