Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My top ten: Romantic Comedies

1. There Is Something About Mary
Diaz is stunningly desirable and there is a crowd vying for her including our hero Ben.

2. 50 First Dates
The cutest one. Adam is in love and has to remind Drew everyday how much he loves her.

3. When Harry Met Sally
A total commoner Billy and a charming Meg play acquaintance that gradually grows into love. I can't stop laughing when Meg slaps Billy for being a total jerk.

4. Notting Hill
A superstar from Beverly Hills befriends a bookstore owner who lives in Notting Hill. I love the dialogue Julia says ... "I'm just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her."

5. Clueless
Alicia is at her best. This movie is supposed to have created the biggest fashion trend in the US.

6. My Big Fat Greek wedding
A situational comedy with punches so often that I remember falling off the chair laughing.

7. You've Got Mail
The first one to capture chat-n-date culture. Meg is adorable and Tom Hanks looks as serious as possible in a romantic comedy.

8. Love Actually
Several lives entwined and all seeking love. This movie is a class apart.

9. Serendipity
This would have some bias cos I think Kate Beckinsale is the most beautiful woman in Hollywood. The movie is good.

10. America's Sweethearts
Strange but I found Julia much more beautiful than in Pretty Woman. Here she plays sidekick to CJ who is a star and she is in love with CJ's ex-husband.


bobby said...

how can u forget "notting hill"

Prashant said...

yaar i considered it but found it less of comedy and more of romantic waise u r right thats the case with half the movies here :D lemme accomodate it :)