Monday, April 6, 2009

Was it a nightmare?

Kush is shouting in my ears. I wake up. Where am I ? Oh ! This is the Rotherham flat where we are living for past one month. But what's the din about? Kush is looking horrified. Someone has stabbed Saurabh to death last night. Apparently there is a serial killer on loose in the small town. Now I panic.

Kush suggests we leave the town immediately. More shoutings. I collect my pajama and yellow t shirt and run down the stairs. Surprisingly the same car is waiting for us that Kush drives in India. It has a driver also. But what is it doing in the middle of UK? No time to wonder. We all get inside - Kush, Kunwar and me. We ask the driver to take us somewhere outside the town. Again noisy discussion starts. Who is this serial killer? Why Saurabh?

Suddenly the driver stops the car. He removes his cap. Now his face is visible. He is Bobby Deol ! He looks at us and gives that typical mocking smile of his which says what a bunch of fools we are. Now we realize. He is the serial killer ! He slowly takes out his gun and starts fitting silencer on it. The last thing I remember is that there is a question mark on each of our faces. There would have been bullets had I completed my dream.

Was it a nightmare? Not exactly.


Surbhi said...

My dream battle with the terrorists beats this one hands down! LOL...

Prashant said...

I totally agree :)