Tuesday, August 4, 2009

'Sir. How did I fare in my mid term exams?'

Just when I was tending to achieve pareto suboptimal (a state from where improvement is impossible .. or something like it :) in my BGS paper the idea clicked. What would different course teachers respond to a single question say 'How did I fare in my mid term exams?' And the answers were so amusing that I laughed in the middle of paper.


'Sir. How did I fare in my mid term exams?'


Business,Govt & Society: Let's see what Milton Friedman has to say about this.

Quantitative Methods: The answer to your question is a joint probability distribution of two discrete random variables which looks like Poisson. In short you are screwed.

Financial Accounting: Your marks are so bad, you better write it off as bad debt.

Managing Organizations: You marks are telling me that your pooled dependency with fellow students is very low.

Micro Eco: Its a diminishing marginal quantity since your first test. You better avoid inki pinki ponki on objective questions.

Managerial Communications: Boy !! There was no mid term exam in my course.

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Surbhi said...


Awesome post! Loved it! And I hope for your sake this was all made up!