Sunday, July 19, 2009

the dilemma of non-participant

In any given class, there are approximately 20% students who participate. Among these Ps, half are active in all the classes (call them APs) while the rest half change with the interest of subject. The rest 80% of the class comprise of active non-participants (ANPs) in the sense that they choose not to participate.

Two questions arise. How does it matter and to whom? Some basic thoughts would say that the group misses on the contribution of an ANP and the ANP loses vital opportunities of putting forward his / her thoughts in a structured way. These, however, are concerns that come later and are related to individual or the group he /she belongs to. The more important concern is how to use the potential of an ANP in the best possible way. In a class, it may be a trivial matter but in corporates, it is essential to strive to bring the best of ALL employees .

It has intrigued me frequently as to why an organization designs itself to push only the APs who are any way ready to take initiatives. My experience says that they would anyway find ways to contribute. The real goldmine is the majority who sit on their desk and wait to be told what to be done. Pushing them into active participation would be more productive according to me.

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