Saturday, July 4, 2009

thirteen days on wheel

Delhi > Jaipur > Udaipur > Ahmedabad > Mumbai > Davangere > Bangalore

It all started on 8th of June. I began my long drive from Delhi to Bangalore on dear Walle (my little zen estilo). A total of 2000 miles was to be covered in 13 days. I remember different people reacting differently to this supposedly crazy idea but the one I found most amusing was what Sabiha said :) "PK drive kar ke Bangalore jaa rahaa hai". Both of us laughed on that comment but that seems to be a different era.

There is so much to tell about this journey and so much to share from my experience that one blog is insufficient. However I would recount one - the last one. At the closing stage of this journey, I was crossing Chitradurga, some 130 miles from Bangalore. I realized that there is an ancient fort at the top of the city. I drove my car, walked my way and found myself at the top of this fort. The view was simply surreal. On one side I could see the ruins of palatial complex. On the other side, there was this huge farm of windmills visible for miles. It was as if with a 180 degree turn, I could move from 500 BC to 2500 AD.

That was the last of memories that I collected before entering the realms of a city that has found itself a place even in English dictionary.

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Systix said...

saheee!!!! main do saal se soch raha hoon ki kab aisa karne ko milega :P .. ab india aoonga toh aapse thode tips lene hain!!! ...

aap december mein bangalore mein rahoge ki dilli mein??