Thursday, July 16, 2009

and then i laughed

As I entered the campus, I felt big. Why today? I have no idea but I felt big. I just moved through the green surroundings towards Admin Block. Suddenly there came an urge to explore the Insti. I walked to a remote corner from where I could see the series of pillars supporting a ceiling which was covered with creepers. At that moment I realized that the grey structure was sending strange cold vibes. It made me feel lonely. Deserted. I started looking for someone. Anyone. Computer Centre was nearby. There must be a few people down there. I took the stairs. As I entered, a cute looking girl looked at me and gave a smile. Whoa! That never happened to me before. Well, not never but the timing here was immaculate. Suddenly I started feeling a lot better. Girls should smile. I came out. It was raining in sunshine. I walked out into the rain. It was one of those mild drizzles that leave me with goosebumps. I love rain. It rains everyday in Bangalore. I love Bangalore. Suddenly I realized the chain of thoughts from feeling big to lonely to exuberent. I laughed. I laughed like a child and it started raining harder. I was wet and life was as beautiful as ever.

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