Thursday, August 16, 2007

10 places I wish to visit - India

1. Chikmagalur Hills
I was reading some article on Kudremukh Iron Ore Company which is carrying out mining activities near this place. The writer found such an activity outrageous since after visiting the place he was convinced it would ruin the heavenly beauty of Chikmagalur. I could percieve that whatever he wrote, was coming from his heart.

2. Banjar
50 Km short of Kullu, there is this place which hardly attracts any tourists. Yogi said 'its in the middle of nowhere' - a phrase which means its a must visit.

3. Kalimpong
Part of the rich and unspoilt Sikkim natural heritage, its a delightful place. The famous Tshongu lake is along the way. I don't remember who inspired me to put this in the list but a collegue, Neeta, confirmed that its a beauty.

4. Yercaud
14 Km from the industrial city of Salem, this place is another secluded heaven for nature lovers. I was at Salem last May and still regret the fact that I didn't have time to move on.

5. Auli
While passing through Joshimath, on our way to Badrinath, we came to know that this place is 12 Km away. One of the longest ropeways in the world, 3.9 Km long, takes 25 min to take visitors to the top. I am told that the view from Auli is unmatched.

6. Valley of Flower
Looks like Joshimath is a strategic location. You can go to Badrinath, Auli and Valley of flowers from here. And who hasn't heard of the Valley of Flowers.

7. Patal Bhubaneshwar
I remember Ruchi told us about this place with natural beauty and some kind of unique structure in a temple while we were in Mukteshwar. Pithoragarh, the host city, has a historical significance.

8. Kottayam
In the god's own country, one would certainly wish to go to the capital first. This place is forerunner in the list of beautiful beaches in Kerala. Varun, an old friend, told me about the beauty of this place.

9. Kaziranga
It is famous for the Rhinoceros. And if I am not wrongly informed, there is a better chance to see the wildlife at this place than looking for tiger at Corbett or lion at Gir.

10. Pangong Lake
The scenic beauty of this lake is awesome even in photographs. I remember Hardy first referring to this place after he came back from the *ss numbing trip of Ladakh.

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