Friday, August 10, 2007

Autobiography: Entry 2

I moved to APJ, Noida in 1998 to complete my high school. I was already missing my childhood friends. There were two people who made my life easy at APJ. One of them was Piyush. I remember him as a witty boy with a childish smile and a big heart. The other one was a plain faced, quiet, fair girl with specs.

I never tried to appear well at school. I looked shabby and ungainly. Some classmates used to comment that I don't look like a student. I had a ferocious competitiveness and the soul aim of my life those days was to get into IIT. Everything else was a minor affair.

I was in biology section because the principal refused to give me admission in the engineering section. I guess I proved him wrong by being the only person from my batch to actually get into a prestigious engineering college. He had a funny accent. His idea of a long morning assembly never suited me and even prompted me to leave the school bus so that I reach school when the class started. Tiwari Sir, our Class Head and Biology teacher, always had a biased opinion towards me and used to show his generosity now and then.

All my good friends from APJ, except Piyush, became friends after I left school. The reason was simple-I never talked. I used to do well in my class although I can never forget that my English teacher failed me seven times and I still hold a grudge against her.

My classmates at APJ remember me as a strange yet good person - something that suits me well.


Surbhi said...

How do you manage to bring tears to my eyes so easily, when no one else does? Love your blog!

Prashant said...

Tears, unlike smiles, take some efforts to come out because they don't reside in the eyes. They belong to the heart and only someone or some emotion close to your heart can push them through.

Surbhi said...

You haven't told the world who that fair quiet bespectacled damsel is. Come on now, out with the name.