Wednesday, August 8, 2007

ware is the place?

I never told anybody but I didn't sleep on 3rd August. You may say that who the f**k is anyway interested in knowing. Still I will tell because its my blog. I can write anything here and it is this independence that drives me to write one blog after another.

So I never slept on 3rd August. I started early morning on 4th from Rotherham taking a 5.41 AM train to London. I kept reminding myself that this was a stupid idea until I reached a place called Ware to meet an old school friend. I had come to meet him because I really like this guy. Ware sounds like warehouse and somehow I could not relate a beautiful place with this name. Of course I was wrong.

It was with this state of mind that I reached Ware at noon. Its 35 minutes by train from Liverpool Street. Ketan took me around. It was some experience and since I was not expecting it, the place looked all the more beautiful. The little town had a lot to offer. A sunny day, uncrowded street, numerous pubs and a pleasant walk on the banks of River Lee. All the words like cool, calm, serene, tranquil and peaceful could be related to this one place.

There were overgrown trees under which a pathway went alongside the river for a mile or so. The place had a charming effect. We had our share of eventful afternoon.

I was on plane on my way back to India and hence couldn't sleep on 4th August also. I watched three movies on board. Hence I broke my own record with 52 continuous sleepless hours. And that is something to talk about.

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