Saturday, August 4, 2007

I need you

Time and again life has reminded me that everything is driven by need. It is the engine that rotates the world. Everything and everyone is dispensable except the one that is needed.

I believe that it would have been the most difficult task for God to create various kind of needs. Creating life would have been easy. Engaging them would have been as difficult.

I remember an advertisement where a small girl is not able to put the thread in the hole of the needle. She is innocent enough to take help of her grandmother who has a weak eyesight. Yet the grandmother tries and after few attemps, is successful in putting the thread in the needle. The old lady realizes that she is still needed even though its her little granddaughter.

Try to make your loved ones realize that you need them. It would have a much powerful effect saying I need you instead of I love you.

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Surbhi said...

IMHO, its better to say "I want you" rather than "I need you". The latter still brings in a tinge of selfishness (I need you for something), while wanting is unconditional (I want you whether or not I need you).
I don't need you; my life will continue regardless of your presence in it. But despite that, I want you because you're my friend, and my life is incomplete without you in it, whether or not you do anything for me. Unconditionally...